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Database Management Systems: Is The Future Really In The Cloud?

  • If the operator of the account opts to use an API, exterior payment service suppliers can not demand entry primarily based on screen scraping plus.
  • This is what allows a banking app to let users look at their multiple accounts from totally different banks in one place.
  • However, in its communiqué of 12 January 2018, KNF clearly indicated that from the point of view of making certain efficient oversight over the accessed data, the safer solution is to create a dedicated API.
  • The choice between the two interface methods is left to the account servicing cost service suppliers.
  • Consequently, the overwhelming majority of banks and different institutions in Poland working payment accounts attempted to dam the usage of this methodology.

Screen Scraping Screen scraping can be completed in several methods, relying on what the method is getting used for. For example, via Java, a person can copy and paste source code from one application into their own if they've a pathway of direct access to it. Screen Scraping

Screen Scraping